Wallarm Node image for Google Cloud Platform

We’re excited to offer native availability of Wallarm Node image for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) users.

(Skip ahead to see how easy it is to get started and start your free trial.)

Many Wallarm customers and prospects use Google Cloud for its high-performance and easily scalable infrastructure with an excellent price to performance ratios. The ability to customize machine types to customer needs, advanced manageability features like Kubernetes, and many other benefits have placed Google Cloud among the leaders in public cloud infrastructure.

Wallarm’s collaboration with Google gives GCP customers an easy way to add attack mitigation and application security testing to web applications, APIs, and microservices.

Key benefits of Wallarm Node for GCP:

  • Quick and easy to install in only a few minutes
  • Released in sync with other Wallarm releases and always available with the latest Wallarm Node version
  • Configured securely and deployed on minimal, locked-down Linux maintained by Wallarm
  • Fully compatible with Wallarm Cloud

How to Install Wallarm Node for GCP

To install Wallarm Node on GCP you will need a license. If you don’t yet one, you can obtain a trial license by registering at https://my.wallarm.com/signup.

You can get a free trial account on Google Compute Engine or use your existing GCP account. Deploy and configure Wallarm Node with a few clicks from https://console.cloud.google.com/launcher/details/wallarm-node-195710/wallarm-node.

After you go through the steps, you will have a new Google Compute Engine instance with Wallarm Node pre-installed. To continue your deployment, you will need to connect your newly deployed Wallarm Node to the Wallarm Cloud account.

To do that, you first need to get a terminal connection to the Linux inside your instance. You can do that through either the Google Cloud Platform Console or the gcloudcommand-line tool. Instructions on connecting directly via the console and for accessing SSH keys can be found here: https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/instances/connecting-to-instance.

Once connected, run the addnode script located in /usr/share/wallarm-common/

You will be asked for your log-in credentials for your Wallarm account. Make sure you are connecting with the same account you used to sign up or with another account that has administrative privileges.

There a few simple additional steps to finish up your proxy rules configuration. They are documented here: https://docs.wallarm.com/en/quickstart-en/qs-setup-proxy-en.html.

See you in the cloud!